Government owned venues



 1. How do I go about Picture or Video shooting in Intramuros?

For what ever purpose, write a letter of request to the Administrator specifying the location/s, exact use, date and time of shoot.


2. How much do I pay for the shoot?



For documentaries, school requirements, pre and post nuptial shoot if the wedding will be held in any of the function areas of Intramuros Administration.



Standard Fees shall apply for all commercial activities, as well as all Staged, Formal, Planned or Professional Photography & Video. For commercial purposes like T.V. Ads, filming of movies, Private Cmpany activities and the like. Please contact I.A. @ 527-3096 for more details


3. How do I make reservation for any area in Intramuros?


For Fort Santiago, San Diego, Plaza Moriones and Puerta Real Gardens, come to the Subsidiaries Mgt Division of Intramuros Administration at the 5F Palacio Del Gobernador Bldg and fill up the application form for the use of IA Facilities.

For Casa Manila Patio, Casa Blanca, and the Teatrillo, come to Plaza San Luis Complex- across San Agustin Church, look for the reservation Office and fill up the corresponding application form.


4. How do I know if my reservation is accepted?


Upon payment of 50% reservation fee, your reservation is accepted.  Ten (10) days before the actual affair, all payables should be settled and the permit to use our facilities will be issued to the user.  We do not make tentative reservations.


5. Please describe your function areas


All function areas are mostly gardens and therefore outdoor, except for Casa Blanca and Teatrillo which are indoor and air conditioned. A glimpse of the areas is available at this site's Photo Gallery page.  Capacities of these areas range from 150 pax to as many as 1500 pax.  These are clearly printed in our brochures that will be handed to the clients once they come for reservation.


6. What if we reserved an outdoor area, and during the function, it rains?


The client is advised before reservation to rent their own tent should rain is expected on the chosen date of function.  However, if any of our indoor function areas will be available, and the client wishes to transfer to that area, then he/she will be allowed to do so after payment of the difference in rental rates of the area.



 7. What if there are brown-outs during function?


In case of brown-outs, only minimal lights are provided in Teatrillo, Casa Blanca and Casa Manila Patio. In other venues, the client/user will have to provide for their own power source (generator). 


8.      What are the present rental rates for all your function areas? **** see facebook page or call PSL Office for verification

 Published by Eric Bern Adrales Ramos · January 19 at 5:41pm · @ facebook

Attention Guys :

Approved New Rates effective February 1, 2018

Casa Manila Patio - P 18,000.00 (fixed)
Teatrillo - P 32,000.00 (fixed)
*** Casa Blanca - P 32,000.00 (fixed)
Plaza Moriones - P 50,000.00
Puerta Real Gardens - P 40,000.00
San Diego Gardens - P 44,000.00

Note : ***Casa Blanca is under rehabilitation. For Plaza Moriones, Puerta Real & San Diego Gardens you can call these numbers 527-3096 & 527-9012 and look for Ms. Leny Isuga for the availabilty of date & other inquiry. Thank you.



9.      How long can we use the area for a function?


Total of 6 hours for function time plus 4 hours set up time (egress included)


10.  Do you have accredited caterers?


No, and we require that the caterer  be licensed. Caterers should be able to submit photo copies of their Business Permit, B.I.R. Registration, and D.T.I./S.E.C. Registration.








Entrance ticket ________P 75.00 for adults

                                            50.00 for students with school ID/ teachers, and

                  Senior citizen.


Except for very large groups, no reservation required. 








1.      Caterers/decorators are allowed to enter and set-up four (4) hours before the appointed time of the function. Prior to set-up, the venue rental fee and the catering surcharge must have been  fully paid.


2.      It is prohibited to attach decorations, props or gadgets to the walls and the ceiling of the Teatrillo and Casa Blanca. Nailing is also prohibited at the Patio.


3.      It is prohibited to obstruct doorways, staircases, corridors, emergency exits and similar passages.


4.      Cooking is not allowed in the premises. Grilling can be allowed at the patio and azotea of Casa Blanca only upon prior approval of the Administration. It is understood, however, that such permission is granted by the Administration on the condition that precautionary measures will be employed by the caterer to ensure the safety of the public and the facilities of the Administration. Any accident caused by grilling and/or roasting in the premises shall be the responsibility of the caterer and he shall shoulder the cost of damages resulting from such activity. It is absolutely prohibited to grill, roast or bring stoves, torches and similar items inside the Teatrillo and Casa Blanca.


5.      Buffet and bar set up is not allowed at the zaguan (corridor).


6.      The caterer shall properly observe cleanliness in the premises and shall be responsible for keeping the place free of equipment, furniture and props after the function. The caterer shall bring with them all the garbage and leftovers when they leave the premises.


7.      Fireworks, firecrackers, pyrotechnics and similar gadgets are not allowed in the premises.


8.      Loud music is not allowed at the patio. Disco dancing and similar forms of loud entertainment is also prohibited at the patio.


9.      Loitering on restricted areas is prohibited.


10.  All personnel must observe proper dress decorum. Shorts, undershirts and slippers are not allowed.